The Little but powerful Vox mini 3 is one of our favourite
and best selling practice amplifiers.
So here's a demo from the 2013 winter Namm show held in
California courtesy of Premier Guitar of the new mini 5 which has all the
features of the 3 but with the addition of a drum machine.
Also check out the new Vox Stomp Lab multi F/X units. Very Cool.

Here's a neat little product from those nice boffins at Zoom.
The MS100-BT is a multi f/x pedal that has the same footprint as a
single stompbox.The multistomp features 100 pre-loaded effects of which
up to six can be used at once. But that's not all. The MS100 is equipped
with bluetooth allowing access to Zoom's StompShare iOS app to browse, try,
and buy additional effects and models from an iPhone,iPad or iTouch device.
We hope to have these in stock soon. Plese call.